Anna and Chris have been a part of our ‘ohana now more than ever! They have attended every event especially our online/ virtual meetings during the pandemic. They are truly a joy and we are so lucky to have them.


Here’s a word from Chris and Anna:

Accessurf is many things.  Some may say freedom, some may say community. To us, this organization is all that and more.  Accessurf means family, a welcoming, supportive embrace to all that open themselves to the experience. From the first time we linked arms with a group of people at White Plains, the people of Accessurf have encouraged us, laughed with us, cried with us,  and been the first to step up with help or just a listening ear when needed without any judgment.  With Accessurf,  you are free to be yourself for you are welcome and you are loved.  We are beyond happy and proud to be a part of this amazing group.
HAST congrats