2014 Dukes Oceanfest August 16 – 24. Queens, Waikiki

AccesSurf Challenged Athlete Surf Competition

Tuesday August 19th

7:00am – Pule at the Dukes Statue

9:00am-Men’s Waveski – Semi final

9:30am– Men’s Waveski- Semi final

10:00am– Prone Division

10:30am– Prone Assisted Division

11:00am– Express Session (lottery drawn at the beach for competitors)

Awards for Prone and Prone Assisted at 12:00pm

Wednesday August 20th

8:00am– Men’s Waveski – Final

8:30am -Amputee Division

9:00am– Women’s Waveski

9:30am – Deaf Division

10:00am– Expression Session (tandem)

Awards between 11:30 and 12:00pm

VIP Pau Hana (for AccesSurf competitors) Hard Rock Cafe from 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Thursday August 21st

9:30am– Expression Session Showdown ( top from each heat- not judged)





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