We are still buzzing from the amazing event in La Jolla, CA last week. The ISA (International Surfing Association) hosted their first ever Adaptive Surfing World Championship!
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A spectacular event with 78 adaptive surfers from 18 nations competing for the world title in 4 divisions.

Never before has an event like this happened. True history in the making and a dream come true for most who attended for many years!

The largest group of Adaptive Surfers ever!

ISA whole group adjusted

The 4 day event began with an adaptive surf clinic hosted by the ISA with the help of AccesSurf and several California organizations. AccesSurf volunteers traveled from Hawaii and across the mainland to help make it all happen!  It was a day of pure joy and a sea of smiles!

ISA clinic ASH volunteers adjusted                  ISA clinic KK adjusted

Followed by a powerful and moving Opening Ceremony that began with a Parade of Nations. Each team proudly representing their country to add together sands from around the World.

ISA TeamHawaiiFernando adjusted                   ISA opening ceremony sand adjusted

(Hawaii Adaptive Surf Team)                                            (Meira Durate and Mike Coots)

Two days of competition with an Adaptive Surfing Symposium in between made for a monumental event having so many countries together. Sharing ideas and passion and paving the path for the future.

ISA Eric Welton adjusted               ISA Zach Tapec adjustedjpg

(Eric Welton- Stand Division)                                       (Zach Tapec- Prone Division)

ISA Meira               ISA Buster

(Meira Durate – Sit Division)                                         (Buster Kawasaki – Assisted Division)

Congratulations to everyone on Hawaii Adaptive Surf Team!

Upright(Sit) Division:

Rich Julian, Meira Durate and Diane Whitcomb


Mike Coots and Eric Welton


Zach Tapec, Jesse Del Mar and Jimmy Collins


Buster Kawasaki and Darian Hayes

ISA TeamHawaiiShot adjusted2

Mahalo to the ISA  for making dreams come true and all of the AccesSurf volunteers for being such a big part of making it all happen!

                                                         ISA volunteer circle adjusted