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HASC Volunteer Registration
Have you volunteered at a previous AccesSurf program?
Have you volunteered at a previous Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships (HASC)?

Volunteer Area Descriptions:

  • Setup/Tear Down
    • Volunteers who can assist with setting up and dismantling tents, beach mats, mobi chairs, etc.
  • Merchandise Tent
    • Volunteers who would like to setup and assist in selling AccesSurf and contest swag.
  • Check In Tent
    • Volunteers who would like to assist with checking in athletes before the contest and other volunteers during the contest.
  • Event Site Support
    • Volunteers who can help with serving food, assisting athletes, and general contest support.
  • Water Safety
    • Experienced Surfers and Ocean Swimmers trained in water rescue scenarios.
  • Water Transfer
    • Volunteers who can assist athletes and their equipment in and out of the water.

Sunday, May 7th

May 7th (Setup)
May 7th (Check In)
May 7th (Event Site Support)

Monday, May 8th

May 8th (Setup)
May 8th (Event Site Support)
May 8th (Check In)
May 8th (Merchandise)

Tuesday, May 9th

May 9th (Event Site Support)
May 9th (Merchandise)
May 9th (Check In)
May 9th (Transfers)
May 9th (Water Safety)

Wednesday, May 10th

May 10th (Event Site Support)
May 10th (Merchandise)
May 10th (Check In)
May 10th (Transfers)
May 10th (Water Safety)

Thursday, May 11th

May 11th (Event Site Support)
May 11th (Merchandise)
May 11th (Check In)
May 11th (Transfers)
May 11th (Water Safety)

Friday, May 12th

May 12th (Event Site Support)
May 12th (Merchandise)
May 12th (Check In)
May 12th (Transfers)
May 12th (Water Safety)

Saturday, May 13th

May 13th (Event Site Support)
May 13th (Merchandise)
May 13th (Tear Down)
May 13th (Check In)
May 13th (Transfers)
May 13th (Water Safety)
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