METs Study Interest Form

METs Paddler Interest Form
If you are not eligible for this study, would you be interested in future research?
Are you 18 or older?
Do you currently identify with the gender you were assigned at birth? *
Are you pregnant?
Are you an outrigger canoe paddler?
Are you:
Do you have a spinal cord injury?
What type of adaptive paddler are you?
What type of paddler are you?
Can you paddle in open ocean for 30-45 minutes continuously at different intensities given to you, without being extremely exhausted?
Do you have any open wound sores which will impact sitting (sit, hip trail bone, lower spine)?
Are you comfortable and willing to wear a metabolic testing mask that will analyze your breath when exhaling [see picture below] and a heart rate monitor?
Which dates will you be available in person, on Oahu?
Canoe Positions