Leah and Lucas‘Day at the Beach’  is open to anyone with a cognitive or physical disability. We provide accessibility to the beach and ocean with the use of beach mats and beach chairs. We have trained volunteers to assist with accessibility, tandem surfing, adaptive swimming and floating.

The program runs from 9am to 1pm, the first Saturday of the month at White Plains Beach park  with the exception of a once a year special event with City and County. Please check our events page for details.

There is no pre-registration. Recommend participants come early if you wish to surf. We often book up early for surf times.

Please be prepared to be at the beach for the morning with sun protection, refreshments and whatever you will need to be comfortable.

We provide booties, rash guards and life jackets but if you have your own please bring them along with you.

We provide a lunch for our hard working volunteers and participants through donations. Family and friends are welcome to purchase a lunch ticket but we do encourage you to pack a picnic for family and friends if possible.

Come and enjoy the therapeutic beauty of the ocean or just come and enjoy ‘A Day at the Beach’ meeting new people.

Todd _ Brett Photo

‘Wounded Warrior’ alternates between the third Wednesday and third Saturday of the month from 0900 to 1300. Dates, locations, and activities do change for this program,  please check our events page for information.

We welcome any injured service men and women. If you would like to attend and are not with a rehabilitation group please contact us.

Join us for surfing, swimming, kayaking, stand up or prone paddling.

Lunch is provided for volunteers and participants through donations. Any attending family or friends are encouraged to pack a picnic.

See you at the beach!

Please complete both the  participant form and a waiver form below.