New Volunteer Survey

All responses are 100% anonymous.

Which volunteer training sessions have you attended? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)
Which areas have volunteered in? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)


Zero Knowledge <------------------------> Genius

1. I know what happens at Day at the Beach.

2. I know who can participate at AccesSurf Day at the Beach.

3. I know all volunteer areas at AccesSurf Day at the Beach.

4. I know how to communicate with persons with disabilities.

5. I know how to assist persons with disabilities safely.

6. I understand the purpose and use of accessible equipment.

7. I know AccesSurf's water safety hand signals.

8. I know the skills I will need to assist in the area I volunteered for.


Not Confident <------------> Extremely Confident

9. I can explain what Day at the Beach is.

10. I can talk to potential participants and volunteers about AccesSurf.

11. I can navigate between the volunteer areas at Day at the Beach.

12. I can talk to people with disabilities.

13. I can assist a person with a disability.

14. I can identify the best accessible equipment for a participant.

15. I can do what is asked of me at AccesSurf's Day at the Beach.

16. I can use the AccesSurf water safety hand signals.

17. I was able to apply what I learned during training, while volunteering at the event.

Training Satisfaction

Not Satisfied <-------------> Extremely Satisfied

18. How satisfied were you with the training you received at Day at the Beach:

19. How did you like the format of:

20. How did you like the way the leaders presented the training?

21. How satisfied were you with the training you received to perform your duties as a volunteer at Day at the Beach?


1=Not Likely

22. How likely would you recommend AccesSurf training to a friend or colleague?