Non-assisted events:

Demonstrate hand signals used in the water.

Water safety (WS) / two volunteers on rescue boards on each side of comp area

Those in non-assisted divisions are expected to be able to retrieve and get back onto their piece of equipment without assistance. WS will assist someone back onto boards but only if an obvious safety issue exists or the athlete asks (wave WS over).WS will not push or assist athletes into waves or back to the lineup.

  • Closest water safety volunteer will respond to athlete if immediate safety issue or called over.
    • If called over, WS will assess the athlete to ensure they can continue but could be removed from the heat if the athlete cannot perform to their divisions stipulations safely.
    • Athlete will be assisted to safe zone if needed for health or safety.
    • Head water safety official will make call to allow athlete to continue as they see fit due to health or safety issues.
  • Jet ski will be used if there is an safety issue.

Assisted events

  • Water safety (WS) volunteers (based on conditions) will be on fins in the competition area.
    • WS volunteers are there to ensure safety for all athletes.
    • They will get to an athlete as soon as possible, ensure they are safe, and assist the athlete back on to their piece of equipment.
    • They will hold the athlete in position until a jet ski, team catcher or pusher takes control of the individual to return them to the lineup.


Team Pushers / spaced out at the lineup and will act as outside water safety. We look out for each other.

  • Be aware of priority and other teams’ positions to avoid collisions
  • Jet skis will assist in returning athletes to the SAFE ZONE which is adjacent to the lineup (normally according to priority) to the best of their availability. Safety issues may take precedence requiring jet skis to assist athletes out of priority and return them to the Safe Zone or beach instead of back to the lineup.
  • After pushing an athlete into a wave, the pusher will swim to the Safe Zone adjacent to the lineup. This can be on either side of the lineup, but is out of the area where the wave is breaking and competitors are waiting to catch waves.


Team Catchers / catchers will be spaced out at a natural (safe) area and will act as inside water safety.

  • Ensure that athletes stay in competition area.
  • Assist participants back onto equipment and back to pushers or to jet skis as applicable / available.
  • Assist participants out of the competition area when horn sounds.
  • If another team’s athlete is closest to you and needs assistance, please assist that athlete as you can as you would expect another team catcher to help your team athlete.


  • Caddies / will assist participants from beach staging area to comp area and back as necessary