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We have some exciting news! As a member of Move United AccesSurf recently received an equipment grant and part of that is an opportunity for a grassroots adaptive athlete to receive an adaptive equipment grant up to $5,000!
If you are eligible and would like to apply please email Angie at  by Feb 15th to receive the official invite to apply.
Please note the application will need to be completed by Feb 20th.
Move United, in partnership with The Hartford, is empowering youth and adults with disabilities to achieve amazing things by making adaptive equipment and sports more accessible. The program goal is to make a significant impact in adaptive sports by empowering 60,000 people, including youth and adults with disabilities, to participate sports and recreation over 10 years. Having the proper adaptive equipment is a game changer. This program is intended to not only enhance the efforts of athletes through adaptive equipment (up to $5,000) but to increase visibility within the pipeline of their sport, and help them become the best athletes they can be, both on and off the field of play.
Must meet EITHER criteria:
Athlete Criteria
  • Athlete must be invited to apply by an Move United or a Member Organization in the current grant period
  • Athlete must demonstrate a need and commitment, recreationally or competitively, to the sport for which they need equipment
  • Athlete must be present at The Hartford Activation Event held by AccesSurf (DATB – June 3)
  • Specifics (sizing, vendor, cost, up to $5,000), estimated order turnaround, must be provided), preferably a vendor quote should be uploaded to application

Income-based grant

  • U.S. legal permanent resident
  • Actively engaged in sports for at least a year and demonstrated commitment to staying healthy and active through sports
  • If youth, enrolled in school (e.g. elementary, middle, or high school, college, home schooled)
  • Chapter has knowledge or understanding that youth qualifies or is currently receiving assistance from one or more of the programs: Medicaid, Unemployment, Social Services Disability Benefits, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Free School Lunch Program, Aid for Dependent Children, Foster Care or other similar state or federal financial assistance program. We do not require verification.
  • Willing to share story with media

Elite grant

  • U.S. legal permanent resident
  • Medically classifiable to compete in the Paralympic Sport you are applying under (actual current classification is not required)
  • Actively training and competing
  • If youth, enrolled in school (e.g. middle, or high school, college, home schooled)
  • Must not be considered part of TEAM USA (cannot be a member of the national team or have an athlete profile on the US Paralympic Athlete portal for the sport you applying under). This award is intended for grassroots athletes who have not yet competed at elite national or international level
  • Current Move United Elite Team members who have already received an equipment grant are not eligible to apply
  • Willing to share story with media
Good Luck to all of the applicants and a HUGE thank you to The Hartford and Move United for the support for AccesSurf and advancement for adaptive sports!