July 24th at Pokai Bay

8:00AM – 2:00PM

Volunteer Registration

If you have not completed the Volunteer form and waiver in the last year, it will need to be completed before registering.  The “Register” button will not appear until an email address used to complete the Volunteer form and waiver is entered.

Please contact admin@accessurf.org with any questions.

With several members of our community not able or eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine, we will have some policies in place to help limit exposure.

  • Temperature taken at check in

  • Masks required on land (for those who are able to wear one)

  • Volunteers who are on the water and transfers are required be vaccinated (due to the close contact and the inability to wear masks in these areas due to the nature of the activity)

  • To keep safe for non-vaccinated participants 

    • Pairing non-vaccinated participants with a vaccinated volunteer as a buddy team for the whole program. That volunteer not be hands on with another participant 

  • No community bbq (just for the time being) 

  • Hand sanitation station 

Even with our caution and risk mitigation there are still risks involved and we need each of you who are registering as a participant or volunteer to be aware of that.

Land Support

(to include set up/tear down, check in, equipment, beach support and other areas of support needed on land and the waters edge)

DATB Volunteer Registration Land
I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Water and Transfer Support

(to include surf instructors, water safety/pushers, swim area instructors, and transfer volunteers)

DATB Volunteer Registration Water
I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Pokai Bay Directions