AKS = Above the Knee Standing

AKK = Any Knee Kneeling

BKS = Below the Knee Standing

BNV = Blind/No Vision

PVI = Partial Vision Impairment

PA = Prone Assist

UP = Unassisted Prone

ULS = Upper Limb Standing

WS = Wave Ski

WW = Wounded Warrior

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Athlete Name:Division:Nation:Biography:
Alcino neto pirataAbove the Knee Standing (AKS) MenBrazilAlcino neto Pirata from Brasil livr in Hawaii almost 7 years
Dariel Meléndez DávilaAbove the Knee Standing (AKS) MenCosta RicaMr Pura Vida 😁🤙🏾
Daven KuloloiaAbove the Knee Standing (AKS) MenHawaiiGrowing up on the windward side of Oahu in Waimanalo, the beach has always been a bike ride away. Makapuu and Sandy’s beach is my home zone. Just started surfing about a year ago in 2021. Never surfed before that. Was bummed that I never tried too but also the boards was out of my price range growing up. Never competed in surfing but lived for the ocean. Understanding that Surfing has been the Hawaiian culture. This sport impacted millions of people around the world by bringing smiles, laughter, and Ohana together for the very reasons my Ancestors did it. Love it.
Tyasine (Ty-seen or Ty) DuckettAbove the Knee Standing (AKS) MenUSATy Duckett is from West PhiladelphIa, born and raised. He moved to Southern California about 8 years ago, in 2014. Shortly thereafter, in just about 12 months time, Ty lost his leg in a major motor vehicle collision. It’s only with the unwavering support and love from his friends and family, Ty was able to welcome this second chance at life. _x000D_
About 2 years after his amputation and after trying several physical activities, like rock climbing, rowing and wheelchair basketball, as well as different types of therapies, Ty’s wife Jasmine found a surfing organization for people with disabilities. Ty was hooked on surfing after he caught his first wave! Thank you Jasmine for giving me 3 great loves in my life... surfing, our beautiful son Taj, and of course You!! _x000D_
From then on he surfed whenever he could, which was usually only about once a month. Ty discovered more surf orgs / surf families which increased his opportunities to get in the water. After a catching a few solid waves at the adaptive surf clinics, Ty entered an adaptive surf competition. Ty is most grateful for his surf family, which continues to grow, & for the friends and kinfolk that continue to support & travel with him on this wild one legged surf journey. Ty surfs competitively, & yet he’s most proud of the stoke, inspiration and motivation other people garner from Ty simply existing in this space and continuing to carry on despite uncharted and rough roads we as people and people with disabilities face daily. _x000D_
In 2019, Ty was a competitor in the AccesSurf Hawaiian Adaptive Surfing Championship. Ty has competed in the Western Surfing Association and was the West Coast PS3 Champion in 2021. This championship title earned Ty an invitation to compete to join Team USA for ParaSurfing. Ty was able to earn a spot on Team USA and the crew competed and won the team Gold medal at the 2021 ISA World Para surfing Championships. _x000D_
Ty is still learning and leaning into this amazing surf way of life. Ty is in awe at what tremendous connections and experiences can arise from the ashes of a tragic ordeal. Ty hopes that he can lead a life that people are motivated by, & that he can help remind folks that _x000D_
we are all more capable than we think, _x000D_
people love us way more than we think _x000D_
and life is and can be way more amazing than we could ever imagine... if we let it.
Benji DavisAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenUSABenji was born and raised in San Diego, CA.

Benji has always loved the ocean.

He was on a boogie before he could walk. The Pacific Ocean is the place he feels most at home.

In high school, he found surfing, or surfing found him.

He spent the first two years just trying to stand up. It was a humbling experience. By his 11th grade year, he was advised to try popping up to his knees. That is one of the best decisions he ever made.

Benji was born with a neurological condition that had yet to be identified by modern medicine. Just after turning three years old, his gait turned from typical to atypical, literally, overnight.

HSP ~ Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia as it is known today and identified as a rare disease. So rare that a simple search for “HSP” on Google clicks you halfway through page four to find a reference. Benji was finally properly diagnosed in the summer of 2018, his 41st year of life. This is what qualifies him to be an adaptive surfer.

Benji has been surfing for over thirty years and considers himself somewhat of a surf nomad, never calling one break his home, instead choosing to travel the county in search of the best waves on any given swell. He currently spends the majority of his time in and around the La Jolla Reefs and travels to Oceanside to train for the Team USA Championships and the US OPEN OF ADAPTIVE SURFING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

In the meantime, he was busy getting a degree and master’s, falling in love with the girl of his dreams, asking her to be his wife, and her saying yes! Continuing to work as a high school teacher of students with disabilities for the last seventeen years, and ultimately helped to raise his two children, Lorenzo (8) and Cecilia (3).

Benji is very new to competitive surfing. He placed 4th in the 2019 US OPEN of ADAPTIVE SURFING and 2nd in 2021.

This WSA season was Benji's first to compete in the four comps required to become eligible for the West Coast Championships which would make him eligible to join the USA adaptive surf team.



STOP #5 San Clemente ~ 2nd




With those results, Benji qualified to surf for a spot on TEAM USA on June 18th at the Northside of Oceanside Harbor.

Benji is humbled by the support from the Stoke For Life Foundation to officially become an Ambassador of Stoke through this rare window of opportunity to chase his dream of being the first Adaptive Surfing World Champion in the Kneel Division.

STOKE FOR LIFE has provided mental, emotional, and financial support that allows Benji to surf in the ACCESS SURF ADAPTIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

There is no time like the present, there is no better time than now. U
LAURENT MAROUFAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenFrance58, BK amputee since 1983. I've Surfed around the world. 11 times in HI most often during the winter. Back in the days, I was Buttons Kaluhiokalani invitee for a while, he taught me how to surf Laniakea, Sunset, Velzy especially when it was "kinda serious". Love Hawaian people, love to be here, I hope I'll be back this winter.
Llywelyn 'Sponge ' WilliamsAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenWalesBorn and raised in Abersoch, North Wales.

Started surfing when i was 12 with the local Youth club and got hooked!!

I lost my leg above the knee at 16 after having been struck down by a car while longboarding (skateboarding), in September 2011 and shockingly recovered and made it home before Christmas!

I currently work as a plant operator for our family business.

Started competing in adaptive surfing for the first time in 2016 and placed 5th in the ISA world champs.

Since then i have competed in 23 competitions and have had 20 podium finishes.

Including three times english adaptive champion,

And the winner at the first ever Bali Pro, and becoming the US adaptive surfing champion in 2021

My top fan also my board caddy is my fiancee Sarah

I also organized the first ever adaptive surfing championships to be held at a wave pool that was also the fist ever adaptive competition to happen in Wales at Surf Snowdonia.

The last 3 years I have been working on a brand called Hopalong Clothing.

After all the years of self funding and working hard to be able to afford to get to all the Competitions. I asked many companies for sponsorship but no luck along with all the other disabled surfers around the world . So I decided why not try and become the sponsor myself and have the aim to be able to help the disabled, people in general that would love the opportunity to try and take their sport to the next level.

I have started off with Tshirts and hoodies and now have grown to having men and women's gym wear. I have a lot of ideas for the future of Hopalong.

I also have started a yearly event that take people with disabilities out surfing in North Wales

Instagram - @spongeabersoch


Facebook- llywelyn Sponge Williams

Hopalong Clothing

Mark Mono StewartAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenAustralia2022 Australian Parasurf Champion. (Current)

3 x ISA World Champion (current),

3 x US Open Champion,

4 x Australian Champion,

4 x Hawaiin Adaptive Champion.

2019 English Champion,

2019 Wales Champion,

2019 Spain Champion.
Martin PollockAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenEnglandI'm 38 from Cornwall, England. I learnt to surf in October 2012 as part of my rehabilitation from injuries sustained serving with the British Army in Afghanistan. I have been competing since 2015. My best results were last year finishing second at the English nationals and fifth at the ISA world championships.
Masafumi KobayashiAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenJapanIn 2000 in Japan. I was 20 years old.

I got in car accident on the highway. when I was

going back to home from the Ocean. It was typhoon

lots of rain then I hit the wall.

I lost consciousness... When I waked up in the hospital. after surgery Dr said you never can not walk again.

I was shocked. it's mean I can not surf again.

I though. but I did rehabilitation hard. I want to surf again do it do it.

2years later I went to SanDiego CA my friend

tell me about kneeboard surfing. I didnt know that befor. I was like This is it. when I go back to Japan.

I tried to back to the ocean and surf. When I was 22years old. of course I was free surfer but my first contest was in Hawaii from the accessurf at Duke's ocean fest in 2006

I never forget that. It was so much fun with Rich. Jesse. Ann and others. It was my first contest.

Time goes by in 2016 Japnese team join the

ISA World Adaptive Championship. It was japnese adaptive surfing history.

My history of contest.

Duke’s Ocean fest Hawaii

AccesSurf 2th


Hawaii Adaptive Surfing

Champion Ship 5th

Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip AS-2 7th


Hawaii Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip 5th

US Open Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip 5th

Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip AS-2 7th


Hawaii Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip 5th

US Open Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip 5th

ASL Adaptive Surfing Tour

at Malibu in CA

ASL Adaptive Surfing Tour„ÄÄ

at Huntington Beach in CA 3th

Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing

ChampionShip AS-2 4th


In June


Championship 4th

In July


championship 3th


Championship 3th

In September

US OpenAdaptive Surfing


SF 6th


Amp Surf

ISA World Para Surfing Championship

SF 7th

Japan 8th


WSL SantaCruz pro

Kneel division 1th

ASL Huntington Beach

Kneel division 2th

Open division 1th

ISA World Para

Surfing Championship 6th
Tyler TurnerAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) MenCanada-Lost legs in 2017 in a skydiving accident

-still skydiving, actually the first bilateral amputee to fly a wingsuit

-won canadas first ever gold medal at the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing for snowboard cross

-bronze medal in banked slalom at the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing

-supported by high fives

-bronze at the us open of adaptive surfing 2021

-live on a sailboat

-sailing to the us open from canada after the Hawaii open
Garrett KuwadaAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) Men, Wounded Warrior (WW)HawaiiI played sports all my life and have always been very active and athletic. My hobbies included surfing, spear fishing, riding dirt bikes, riding my Harley, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, SUP surfing and anything else that would give me an adrenaline rush. All of that came to a screeching halt on 3 Sep 2016..

In 2016 I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and spinal cord injury while stationed in New Mexico. This left me with cognitive, speech, vision, hearing and balance issues and the spinal cord injury left me without the use of my legs.Subsequently after serving in the Air Force for 28 years (26 of those years was spent overseas around the world) I was medically retired from the Air Force in 2018 and continue to battle with PTSD, depression and anxiety.

In 2019 I was introduced to adaptive sports and it pulled me out of a very dark place. Since then I’ve competed for the Air Force Wounded Warrior (WW) team at the 2019 Department of Defense Warrior Games and medaled in 13 of my 14 events. I was then selected for the 2020 Team US Invictus to compete at the Invictus Games in The Hague, Netherlands. However due to the pandemic the Invictus Games were cancelled until Apr 2022 were I competed in swimming, cycling, track, and field and earned 9 medals (2 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze) 5 of which were in swimming.

I’ve also competed in 3 sprint triathlons, the Great Aloha Run, the King’s Runner 10k, and the 2021 Honolulu Marathon finishing with a time of 3:13:12 placing 6th in the wheelchair division and 55th overall.

Prior to my injuries I was an avid surfer and started volunteering with Access Surf in 2006. After my injuries in 2016 it took me a very long time to get over the depression of not being able to surf the way I used to and it kept me away from the beach and from participating with Access Surf. I’ve only recently gotten my stoke for surfing back and am super excited to be competing for the first time in the HASC.
Barbara GarciaAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) WomenMexicoHola!

I have to tell you that I am an ocean human, I know I belong to the sea from a long time ago, maybe before being Barbara in this life

God gave me the knowledge to know how to survive in the water.

Surfing is a way to dance with the ocean waves and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

I surf because you can heal from whatever happens to you in the magical salty waters.

The beautiful painting you have in front of your eyes is priceless, so I recommend to start thinking about the ocean world and you will have it soon touching and healing you.

I started surfing competitions on 2019 in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. where I competed with my Mexican teammate Martin Martinez (Above knee stand)

followed by the ISA surfing championships in 2020 ending with 5th place.

This past December I performed at Pismo Beach CA. ISA surfing championships winning the 4th place

On this day I am preparing myself to surf the Adaptive world tour, hopefully with the help of my family and friends who support my dream and my connection with the ocean.

please visit my Gofundme to read more about my story

Meira NelsonAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) Women, Wave Ski WOMENHawaiiThis momma of 4 kids is not stopping anytime soon. Im Always challenging myself. The evolution of Adaptive surfing is something I want to be a part of for many many years.
Victoria FeigeAny Knee Kneeling (AKK) Women, Wave Ski WOMENCanadaAfter a snowboarding accident left Victoria partially paralyzed, she returned to skiing and surfing. She trained hard to become an accomplished adaptive surfer on the competitive scene. Victoria has been surfing for Team Canada since 2016 and won three consecutive ISA Para Surfing World Championships.

She has always borrowed a waveski for competition. She has won the last two consecutive Adaptive US open women's waveski events. She is currently borrowing Rich Julian's waveski for this event.
Nathan SmidsBelow the Knee Standing (AKS) MenCanadaBorn and raised in Canada. I’ve been working in the Central Coast of California for the last 12 years as a recreation therapist I am maximum security forensic hospital for men with severe mental illness.

I’ve been surfing for the last 12 years. Amp Surf gave me my first surf lesson in Pismo Beach.

This is my fourth time coming to this competition in Oahu.

I placed second in this years US open adaptive surf championships in Oceanside. I ranked seventh in the world para surf championships this year.

My wife and I had our daughter a year and a half ago and I have been settling in to the Dad role. Our daughter, Billie is on the beach cheering me on at this competition with my wife.

I am going to school part time to become a registered nurse.
Nachman yariv baluluBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) MenIsraelNachman Yariv Balulu 46 year old surfer from 84 amputated leg from 2017 father of 4 children and also grandfather of a little granddaughter currently second in the world in surfing

I also established the first surfing school in Israel for amputees
Pegleg BennettBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) MenEnglandPlacing's in able bodied contests since the 90s

1st place in the first ever disability contest in the UK 2010

ISA Worlds

2016 semi final

2017 semi final

2019 semi final

2021 semi final

ASL Huntington 2019 4th

English Adaptive Open

2016 1st

2017 2nd

2018 2nd

2019 2nd

2020 1st

2021 3rd

Access Surf Hawaiian Championship's

2018 1st

2019 1st

French Graal 2021 1st

52 year old surf coach

Surfing 40ish years for the love of surfing

Surf for the love of surfing not winning

Surf 2-30ft for the love of surfing

Coach for the love of surfing

Coach the English Adaptive Team for the love of my country and surfing

Qualified surf lifesaving GB beach lifeguard for the love of surfing

I love surfing üåä

Been adaptive surfing most of my life for the love of surfing
Tony LeeBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) MenHawaiiI became a BK 6 years ago. A tiger shark bit my legs while I was swimming to the Mokes from Lanikai beach. I was able to escape from the shark by pulling out one of her eyeballs. The doctors were able to reattach one foot, but the other was lost. It took 3 years and 9 surgeries before I could get back to surfing.

I live in Waikiki. Queens and Canoes are my home breaks. Unfortunately, I injured my shoulder 2 weeks ago while surfing. I plan to compete, but I'll be doing it with a bad right shoulder.
Dana M. CummingsBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) Men, Wounded Warrior (WW)USADana grew up on a farm in rural Maine. He served 6 years in the Marines, including service in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In late 2002, Dana lost his lower left leg in a car wreck. Four months after his accident, Dana learned to surf and then founded the AmpSurf: Learn to Surf program in early 2003, to share rehabilitation through the healing power of adaptive surfing and the ocean. Dana is a certified adaptive surf instructor/presenter and developed the instructor training program used by AmpSurf, the International Surfing Association (ISA), and SurfAbilityUK to teach adaptive surf coaches worldwide. Dana is a team rider and member of the US Para Surf team and has been representing the USA Surfing in global competitions since 2019. Dana is also a four time West Coast Champion and rider in the Western Surfing Association and is ranked 7th in the world in his division. Dana partnered AmpSurf with the ISA to hold the 2020 AmpSurf ISA World Para-Surfing Championships in La Jolla, CA, and hosted the World Para Surfing Championships in Pismo Beach, CA in 2021 and will again in 2022. Dana has been recognized for his work with the disabled and with veterans several times. He has been named a CCN Hero, a California Veteran of the year, and Patriot of the year, as well as the 2022 WSA Volunteer of the year. Dana is also a coach for youth sports and has 5 children.
Forrest WeinbergBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) Men, Wounded Warrior (WW)USAForrest is from Long Beach, CA. He joined the Marine Corps in 2006 and completed six years. He is accompanied by his wife Mariana, his son Oliver, his brother and sister Josh and Jaime, and his niece Serenity. It is their first time here in Waikiki. Forrest was a competitive surfer growing up as a kid but as he got older, life got in the way and didn't have the time to compete anymore. He is very passionate about surfing and just being at the beach in general. He always likes to say that the beach is his playground.
Jimena Ruiz RojasBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) WomenCosta RicaJimena Ruiz Rojas is 15 years old and lives in Nosara, Costa Rica. She has been surfing for 6 years.

2020 - 3rd Place,Stand 2:AMPSURF ISA World Para Surfing Championship, Pismo Beach, Ca. & Costa Rica National Team member

2021 - 4th Place, Stand Below the Knee: US Open Adaptive Surfing Championship, Oceanside, Ca.

3rd Place, Junior Upright/Stand: US Open Adaptive Surfing Championship, Oceanside, Ca.

2021 - 2nd Place, Supergirl Pro Adaptive: Oceanside, Ca.

2021 - 1st Place, Stand 2: AMPSURF ISA World Para Surfing Championship, Pismo Beach, Ca. & Costa Rica National Team member

2022 - 3rd Place, Junior: Guanacasteco Circuit, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

2022 - 3rd Place, Junior: National Circuit, Costa Rica
Malu MendesBelow the Knee Standing (BKS) WomenBrazilI begun to surf when I was 4 years old, my father is a surf coach so I grown up in surf environment.

Also I like to skate and love sailing.

In 2020 I competed for the first time in the ISA Championship.

I am very happy to be part of this event here in Wakiki, the birth of the surf and the beach of Duke Kahanamoku!
Aitor Francesena UriaBlind/No Vision (BNV) MENSpainSoy un surfista de toda la vida que me he dedicado toda la vida a la enseñanza del surf. He sido coach de Aritz Aranburu, Odei Collazo, Eneko Acero, Kepa acero, Axier Muniain, Imanol Yeregi y un montón de grandes surfistas de mi país y he sido seleccionador nacional durante tres años con Pablo Solar hasta quedarme ciego. He sido dos veces campeón del mundo de la ISA 2016 2020 en California y campeón de Europa en Portugal. Desde el 2015 al 2022 campeón de España de surf adaptado. Como buen Vasco, me encanta comer, me encanta la música y bailar. Amo este deporte como el que más y doy gracias a la ISA por todo lo que hace por el surf adaptado. Y espero que la AASP haga lo mismo. Gracias a todos y A TOPE!
Joshua LoyaBlind/No Vision (BNV) MENUSAJoshua Loya

Division: VI-1

Stance: Regular

Favorite Break: Cardif Reef, California, United States

Joshua “The Jedi” Loya started surfing much later in life, at the age of 37. A life-long martial artist, Joshua had always been intrigued by anything which tested the full human, mind, body, and soul. A year before the dawn of his surfing journey, Joshua left his career as a computer instructor and accessibility consultant to pursue martial arts and adventure living full-time. Joshua intended surfing to be a momentary diversion from his grueling training schedule. He fell in love with it, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Joshua grew up in Santa Cruz, California. He used to love to watch surfers when he was younger, but surfing was one of many activities deemed too dangerous. Almost everything Joshua wanted to do put him at risk of losing his eyesight. By the time of his sophomore year, Joshua was not allowed to run, swim, or lift weights. The stuff he especially wanted to do, martial arts, skateboarding, and surfing, were out of the question. Joshua could only hold out for so long.

Joshua became restless, taking more and more risks. He started dabbling in martial arts and more intensely joining mosh pits at concerts. In January of 1996, Joshua got to a breaking point. He cranked up Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven album as loud as he could possibly get it, grabbed a pair of nunchucks, and promptly hit himself in his sole functioning eye. Joshua had several unsuccessful surgeries to restore his eyesight, but, before all options had been exhausted, Joshua chose to stop pursuing treatment. “I knew life was going to be difficult. I also knew that the quality of my life would be better, once I no longer had to worry about losing vision I did not have.”

Once the bow string was released, Joshua moved forward with his adventuring. Rock climbing, water skiing, and the martial arts training he had dreamt of since he had been a boy. Joshua threw himself into his martial arts practice, eventually earning 5 separate black belts and rank across 7 distinct styles. Then, Joshua started surfing. His life was never the same.

Joshua’s confident and intuitive approach to surfing continues to make an impression with all those who witness him in the water. In Joshua’s short time competing, he has amassed 3 USA Surfing National Adaptive Surfing Championship wins, 1 US Open Adaptive Surfing Championships win, and a spot on the podium at 2020’s AmpSurf ISA World Para Surfing Championships. Joshua is also the first ever WSA (Western Surfing Association) West Coast Visually Impaired Champion, doing so in the organization’s 60th anniversary year. The following year, in 2022, he eclipsed his previous performance, and also one the West Coast Championships. He was the first ever 100% blind surfer to ride Kelly Slater’s wave pool at the WSL Surf Ranch, having less than a year of surf experience at the time. His unique way of movement makes those who watch him wonder if he really does use The Force.

Joshua is affiliated with Waves 4 All Surf and Sail, and he is coached by John White. He is a member of Surfight Jiu Jitsu in Del Mar, California. He is a direct student of Joel Tudor.

Instagram: @joshuathejedi

Facebook: www.facebook.com/joshualoya


Originally from Santa Cruz, California.

Sometimes confused with Josh Loya, the famous big wave surfer, who is also from Santa Cruz.

Lost his eyesight in a nunchuck accident as a teenager.

Trained martial artist with 5 black belts and ranks across 7 styles.

Member of Surfight Jiu Jitsu in Del Mar, California. A direct student of Joel Tudor.
Aaron PaulkPartial Vision Impairment (PVI) MENHawaiifrom Maui Lahaina

2021 US National Champ

Hawaii State CHamp

US Open Champ

2 3rd place podiums at ISA Worlds

Member of ASA with Coach Chris

Sponsored by Ocutech a bioptic glass company

Inspired to create more awareness for keiki who are partially blind and have taken out kids from all around the country with Stargartdts diesase. A Central Blindness that is progressively worse over time.

Owner of a sustainable tourism wesbite called "Hi Vibe"
Dave LewisPartial Vision Impairment (PVI) MENEngland2 x Surfing England National

ISA Worlds 2021
Ling PaiPartial Vision Impairment (PVI) WOMENCanadaLing Pai is a Visually Impaired Para Surfer from Canada. She is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist specializing in Cardiac Rehab. She has wo 2 silver medals and a bronze medal at the ISA World Para Surfing Championships. She also hikes, trail runs and skis. Ling does all of this with low vision.

At age 14, Ling was diagnosed with a genetic disease called “Dominant Optic Atrophy.” This progressive eye disease causes the optic nerve to degrade over time. There are no medications or surgical procedures to treat this disease. Ling is severely color blind, with very low visual acuity and large blind spots. Ling became “legally blind” at age 32 and is determined not to let her failing eyesight hold her back.
Melissa ReidPartial Vision Impairment (PVI) WOMENEngland3x world champion

Paralympic bronze medalist in triathlon
Brock JohnsonProne Assist (PA) MENUSA10th year as an adaptive surfer. Prone Assist Division - C6/7 Quadriplegic

President - Coastal Adaptive Sports (1st Paralympic Club in South Carolina

Assistant Director - Adaptive Surf Project - Motto: Changing the world one wave at a time! Director - Luke Sharp is my pusher and board member Vann Horne is my catcher!

Founder of Wheel to Surf - 2013 - CAS & ASP Co-Sponsor. Event created from attending LIfe Rolls on and wanting to bring that to Myrtle Beach. First year was 2013- one event with 17 surfers. Added additional events each year and began holding events out of town as well. Now events average between 50-60 surfers and 100 volunteers 🙂

1st East Coast Champion - Prone Assist - Eastern Surfing Association (2014, 2015, 1017)

Member of the First Team USA - ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships 2015

USA Surfing Championships - 2016 2nd Place, 2017 3rd Place, 2018 & 2019 DNP

2016 ASF East Coast Championship in Sebastian Inlet - 2nd Place

2018 Hawaiian Championship - 2nd Place

Carolina Cup Pro/Am (1st Adaptive Pro on East Coast)- Surfside South Carolina - 2020 2nd Place & 2021 1st Place
CRAIG ROBERTS (CC)Prone Assist (PA) MENUSAProfessional wakeboarder until my accident in 1997. Sponsorship at the time were Natique boats, Neptune wakeboards, Arnet sunglasses, Billabong clothing, performance ski and surf. Some of these companies still sponsor me today. Currently work full time for a construction company doing accounts payable. My first trip to Hawaii.
ERIC LAZARProne Assist (PA) MENHawaiiComing from Kauai, mahalo for the love and support. Thank You Very Much AccesSurf and partners for putting this wonderful surfing event on. Been surfing since 1976. Started competing in 1982 with the WSA district four. Malibu was my home spot growing up in the East San Fernando Valley. Been paralyzed for 19 years due to a dirtbike motorcycle accident in April 2003. I would like to thank Cyber wetsuits for making custom wetsuits for me. Also would like to thank Mitch Haynie for making surfboards and helping me become a surfer again after my injury.
Ernie JohnsonProne Assist (PA) MENUSAI just love surfing!!!
Jose MartinezProne Assist (PA) MENUSAU.S. Army Veteran Born and raised in Los Angeles. Started surfing after my accident. Won gold last year at worlds in pismo beach!
Robert BrowneProne Assist (PA) MENUSAI broke my neck surfing when I was 13 in my hometown, Long Beach, NY.

Traveled to Santa Cruz for my first adaptive surf competition last November and have been hooked since. Hawaii will be my second comp.
Scott DavisProne Assist (PA) MENHawaiiLives in Paia for the tap dancing.
Shay EasthamProne Assist (PA) MENUSAJust moved to California in 2020 & started taking up surfing. I've done it competitively for a year now and have aspirations to make it to the para Olympics!
Tomoki FujiwaraProne Assist (PA) MENJapanI broke my neck bone while surfing 13 years ago and suffered a cervical spinal cord injury. After a year and a half of hospitalization, I experienced various sports, but when I noticed, I returned to surfing. After all surfing cannot be stopped! This time I'm in Hawaii with a Japanese service dog, Daikichi. I would like to enjoy the tournament with Daikichi.
Buster KawasakiProne Assist (PA) MEN, Wounded Warrior (WW)HawaiiProne assist surfer for 7 years. Number one in Hawaii for the HSA 2021/2022 season.
Quinn WaitleyProne Assist (PA) WOMENUSAMy name is Quinn Waitley and I am a 27-year-old professional adaptive athlete. Born and raised in San Diego, local to Coronado.

I come from a family of seven athletic sisters girls and I’m also one of four identical quadruplets. Being born prematurely at 28 weeks resulted in me being born with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy, also known as CP. Growing up I’ve played a lot of sports from wheelchair rugby to WCMX (wheelchair skateboarding) but I’ve always loved the water since I was little, so surfing came naturally to me once I started as a teenager. I really committed to surfing at 20 years old, when they held the first ISA world para-surfing championship's in La Jolla. After seeing the event I told my parents that I wanted to be on the US National Surf team. In June 2017 that dream became a reality and I became the first US female team member in the Prone Assist division (Prone 2). It has been a great privilege to represent Team USA for the last six years. In 2017 I was the Silver Medalist in the World’s and in 2018 I was the Dukes OceanFest women’s champion. My favorite part about surfing is getting out of my wheelchair and leaving it on the beach and going as fast as I can on any wave! I hope to encourage young girls to get out in the water and experience the joy of surfing but also to let them know that they can be competitive even if they have limitations. My family and friends have been a major support to my surfing together with many great watermen and women who help me in the water. I would not be where I am today without God and the love and support of my friends and family. Since I was five years old it’s been a dream to go to the Paralympics. Many of my dreams of becoming a competitive athlete has already become a reality.
Robyn HarveyProne Assist (PA) WOMENAustraliaPrior to all my joints deteriorating I was a member of the Australian Queensland team representing my state for 10 years.

Learn to Surf Teacher

Swimming Instructor

President of Surfing Queensland.

I help start the Queensland Disabled Surfing Association.

Competitor with Accessurf since 2016

Third Place Accessurf Assisted Division 2016

Third Place Australian Adaptive Surfing Titles 2017

Third Place Accessurf Women's Assist 2018

1st Place Accessurf Mixed Division 2019
Bill MartinUnassisted Prone (UP) MENHawaii59 years old from Sunset Beach, North Shore Oahu. Husband & father of two children, ages 21 and 12.. Business owner / manager of Island X Hawaii - Old Sugar Mill Brand Coffee in Waialua.

Website: www.islandxhawaii.com

Favorite surfspots : Sunset and Haleiwa.
Bruno HansenUnassisted Prone (UP) MENDenmarkAloha All ( Rob Powers, founder ONETEAM Colgan Foundation and ONETEAM El Salvador doing this for Bru... who loves computers LOL )

Think you guys know Bru well and can talk for hours about his love of the Islands, The Access Surf Team etc... not to mention his dramatic life story.

Surf Nuts/Bolts -

Current ISA PS-1 World Champion, 6 total ISA PS-1 Para Surf World Championship Titles, Undefeated National Champion PS-1 Para Surfing Denmark

Bru, has joined forces with the NGO ONETEAM as an athlete ambassador of the soon to be open world's first purpose built:

"Colgan Foundation International Para Surf Training Center powered by ONETEAM El Salvador in Surf City El Salvador"

Bru, is joined at this year's HASC by Robi Powers, head coach of the Colgan Foundation Int'l Para Surf Center which will open in 2023 to Para Surf Programs worldwide by providing a eat, sleep, surf training environment oceanside for para athletes in the heart of Surf City El Salvador with the center's point break of Cocal directly in front of the center's oceanside property.

The Center has joined forces with AMP Surf and Allies like ISA and the El Salvador Paralympic Committee in creating El Salvador's Para Surf Program, to include having sent El Salvador's first delegation to the ISA Para Surf World Championships in Pismo Beach 2022 ( 9th Place PS-1 Men's Division, Jonathan Arias, who they hope to have attend the second half of this year's championships in San Diego later this year. )

To AS Staff - thank you all for forging a path for the world to follow, continued success and may this year's event be the best every! - rob powers
Casey ProudUnassisted Prone (UP) MENHawaiiCasey Proud was born and raised in Honolulu and Kona, and now lives in Oceanside after moving from the Bay Area earlier this year. He started competing in June last year, placing 2nd in his first contest, the US National Championships. Some notable results he's had so far:

- 2nd Place, 2021 US National Championships

- 1st Place, Adaptive Surf League Santa Cruz Pro

- 2nd place 2021 ISA World Para-surfing Championships
Edwin VictorUnassisted Prone (UP) MENCosta RicaI have been adaptive surfing

Costa Rican National Team Member - ISA World Championship 2020 & 2021

4th Place Costa Rican National Team - ISA World Championship 2021

US Open Competitor - September 2021

6th Place Costa Rica

1st Place - Adaptive Prone Anderson Estep Contest 2020 & 2021

Favorite Break - Witches Rock Costa Rica

Nickname - Rooster
Jordan KoeningerUnassisted Prone (UP) MENUSAHi5's Athlete - Looking for Big Wave Team? Broke my back in a snowboarding fall, who's taking me to find some wave mountains??
Nicolas GallegosUnassisted Prone (UP) MENArgentinaArgentine champion, Latin American champion, ISA bronze medal and number 2 in the 2021 World ranking. I like horses and race cars. I travel to surf and I surf to travel. I promote this sport with all its values ‚Äã‚Äãof self-improvement and care for the environment, as well as the values ‚Äã‚Äãof brotherhood of our global community.
Scott PattersonUnassisted Prone (UP) MENCanadaI started surfing in 2016 I’m a Paralympic alpine skier I got a bronze at the 2002 salt lake city winter Paralympics. Just recently started mountain biking and going to do some races this summer
Sean RyanUnassisted Prone (UP) MENUSAWell I’m gonna squeeze in short, but sweet bio lol! After being a super active skater, surfer and snowboarder I suffered from a gun shot wound in 2011. That GSW put me in the ICU for some time after recovery I thought I’d never live any type of normal life again. At the time of the gunshot wound I had three young boy’s 19, 15 and 10. I thought I would never do a lot of things again at the very best I didn’t think I would ever surf again. In 2015 I was introduced to one of the very best non profit organizations I’ve ever run into and that is accesssurf. So started surfing again that summer and have had so many unbelievable experiences since then. My surf experience’s have taken me from Hawaii and of course California, Costa Rica, and Panama where I built a house on the beach for accessible surf with friends that I’ve met through this annual surf contest. The lessons I’ve learned from being part of this community are unbelievable I could not have gained this much from anywhere else. I’m cutting this so short, but in a nut shell I have been blown away by the camaraderie and compassion of this event. Thanks!
Parker OlenickUnassisted Prone (UP) MENUSAParker is 18 years old and he lives in San Diego, CA. Parker was born with cerebral palsy. He has been competing in para-surfing since 2017. This is Parker's third Hawaiian Adaptive Surfing Championships. He won the juniors division here in 2019 after scoring the only perfect 10 of the contest. Parker is also the two time season champion of the Western Surfing Association series in Southern California. Parker will be competing in Europe this summer at the Welsh Adaptive Surf Championships, the English adaptive surf championships, as well as the adaptive contest in Spain. When Parker isn't surfing, he is the goalie for the San Diego Ducks Championship sled hockey team. Parker hopes to, one day, make it to the Para-Olympics in both surfing and sled hockey. Parker would also like to thank his sponsors, Challenged Athletes Foundation, Amp-Surf, Stoke for Life, Salty Crew, Baja Vida, and his entire Hawaiian Ohana for all their love, support and Aloha. Mucho Mahalos.
Sarah BettencourtUnassisted Prone (UP) WOMEN, Wounded Warrior (WW)USACaptain Sarah Bettencourt (USMC, Retired) was training as a helicopter pilot when a rare neurological disorder forced her to medically retire in 2012. With her constantly changing and sometimes very serious symptoms, Sarah struggled to find her place back in society until she was introduced to adaptive sports, where Sarah realized by adapting equipment and technique, she could accomplish anything! Since then, Sarah founded San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey, is a 7 time defenseman on the US Women’s Sled Hockey Team, is Co-Captain of the US Para Surf Team, and is the reigning 2 time world champion in the Women’s Para Surf Prone 1 division.
Jonathan BorbaUpper Limb Standing (ULS) MENBrazilI've been a professional surfer since 2016.

All the championships that I participated, I won in some place.

2017 - First place in Santa Catarina / Brazil

2018 - First place in South America / Argentina

2018 - First place oi digital surf / Brazil

2018 - Second place ASL adaptive surf league / Huntington Beach - CA

2019 - First place in South America / Argentina

2020 - Second place ISA world / San Diego - CA

2021 - Second place U.S. Open / Oceanside - CA

2021 - Second place ISA world / Pismo beach - CA
michael spivey (spy-v)Upper Limb Standing (ULS) MENUSADec 2010 I was blown up in Afghanistan and learned to surf in 2011 as part of my recovery. Even though I spend a lot of time in the water surfing, This is only my second surf competition. The first one was Dukes back in 2015.

Two time Paralympic Snowboarder(2018 and 2022), Boardercross and banked Slalom,
Robson GasperiUpper Limb Standing (ULS) MENBrazilStanding upper limb Man all my category

2016 champion Oi jogos Carioca de Ver√£o Rio de Janeiro

2017 champion USA Adaptive Pro Oceanside

2018 4 best wold Championship LA Jolla

2019 Champion Span Paises bascos, Champion wave garden England Swondonia. Vice champion Bali Adaptive pro Indonesia

2020 3 best Championship virtual AMPSURF

Champion big waves Santa Cruz
Ryan GambrellUpper Limb Standing (ULS) MENUSARyan Gambrell is a competitive surfer from Oceanside, California and has been a member of the US Para Surf Team in 2016, in 2018 when the US won the team gold medal. No stranger to approaching difficult challenges head on, Ryan grew up competing in martial arts where he fought to earn a spot on the US Men’s Karate Team amongst his able-bodied peers, competing in tournaments throughout Europe and Japan and earning six US National Championship titles during his career. He was introduced to adaptive sports when his mom brought him to La Jolla to watch the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) triathlon as a kid, but really got involved with the organization after some fellow CAF athletes challenged him to finish a triathlon. With difficulty running due to his diagnosis, neither Ryan nor anyone else thought he would add triathlete to his list of competitive activities, but six triathlons later, the name began to stick.

Ryan’s proudest athletic accomplishments so far though have been the opportunities to pass along his passion for surfing to the younger generation, hosting events for first-time surfers with his same condition and being a mentor for young surfers at the Junior Seau Foundation Youth Adaptive Surf Clinics put on by CAF. “Sports change people’s attitudes immediately,” he says, “I see it in their eyes. It’s like ‘Oh, this is awesome. What else can I do?’ Now, if you were to ask me what the biggest thing in sports is that I am working toward, it’s to encourage more of that!”

The newest addition to Ryan’s bio is being a father to an amazing three-year-old girl, Finley. Luckily she loves the beach as much he does and he looks forward to watching her grow up playing in the surf just like he did.
Thomas IlkkalaUpper Limb Standing (ULS) MENCanadaThis is my 2nd time attending the HASC placing 4th the first time in 2018 hoping to do better this time around. I lost my right hand in 2006 due to complications resulting from and accident snowboarding in Canada.I now reside in San Diego CA and generally just stick to surfing!
Darian Bailey HaynesUpper Limb Standing (ULS) WOMENUSADarian Bailey Haynes

22 years old from Indiana/Hawaii


Born with a Brachial Plexus injury to her left shoulder, Darian began surfing with the help of an adaptive surfing program in 2010 when her military family moved to Oahu. In 2014 she began competing in local competitions on Oahu. That eventually grew into State and National Competitions, followed by the ISA World Championships in 2015.

Darian was the very first Adaptive woman to win an ISA World Championship Medal in 2015 as a fifteen year old. Another woman wouldn’t win a medal until 2017 with the introduction of the first Women's Divisions. Darian currently has 4 individual medals and 2 team medals. (USA-Gold, Hawaii-Copper)

Darian spent 2019 on tour competing in 10 contests all over the world, and most of 2020 in Hawaii working with Coach Doug Silva.

In 2021 Darian and family relocated to the Mainland to enable her to better fund her surf training and travel, and to make the transition to Team USA Surfing. She also began training for Paralympic Snowboarding with Adaptive Action Sports in Copper Mountain, Colorado. Darian’s dream is to be a Paralympic snowboarder in Italy 2026 and surfer in LA 2028.

Darian spent the 21-22 winter season competing in Parasnowboarding as a member of Team USA, where she earned first place in her inaugural Euro Cup, and fourth in her first World Cup. She also made her debut as a Mt Dew Tour competitor, earning 4th place. She is currently the USA Parasnowboarding National Champion for Women's Upper Limb, and ranked number 4 in the world.
Charles "Chaka" WebbWave Ski MENUSAAdaptive Paddle Boarding

• First Paraplegic Athlete to compete in an open water paddle board race

• 2013 and 20014 Battle of the Paddle Open Group Race – 4.08 Miles

• 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 HanoHano Huki Ocean Classic Short Course 5.2 Miles

• Completed 2016 SFL Harbor to Harbor Ocean Challenge (25 mile open water paddle)

• First Paraplegic to compete in Alcatraz “Escape from the Rock” duathlon (3.5-mile paddle 7 mile run/wheel)

Adaptive Surfing

• 2015 Founded “Stoke for Life Foundation” 501-C3 nonprofit

• 2015 Western Surfing Association Adaptive Surfing Champion (Waveski Division)

• 5th Place 2015 I.S.A. Adaptive Surfing World Championships

• 4th Place 2015 Dukes Ocean Festival

• 3rd Place 2015 U.S.A. Surfing National Adaptive Championships

• 2nd Place 2016 Dukes Ocean Festival AccesSurf Adaptive Surfing Championships

• 2nd Place 2016 U.S.A. Surfing National Adaptive Championships

• 3rd Place 2017 U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships

• 4th Place 2017 U.S.A. Surfing National Adaptive Championships

• 4th Place 2018 U.S.A. Surfing National Adaptive Championships

• 3rd Place 2020 ISA Amp Surf Para Surfing Championships

• I.S.A. Competition Committee Board member for 2015 and 2016 Adaptive Surfing World Championships

Creator of U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships

Co-Creator of U.S. Open ASC Classification Structure

Creator of the A.A.S.P. format


• Sticky Bumps Surf Wax, Kings Paddle Sports
Fellipe Kizu limaWave Ski MENBrazilI was born in 1987 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Since little kid I was passionate with sports of all kinds and with my dad support I started practicing motorbike and kart . Than wen I was 10yrs old, I ‘ve met skateboard and that changed my life and it became my life and with it of course the interest in surf. At that age I was living 5h drive from the nearest beach but my passion was bigger than the distance so I started to chasing waves every weekend to the beaches with my friends.


When I was 15years old I lived for 6 months in the Gold Coast , Australia , and it was perfect to surf every single day . When I got back to Belo Horizonte skateboarding was the only thing that approached me to surf, imagining that I was on a wave , and I carrying on with skate and surf, competing in down hill skateboard until my 18years old. Than one day, my life changed completely , I was in a friend’s house sat in a balcony and for a blink of an eyes, I slept of tiredness and felt from 3 meters high... broke my spine in 3 places and become a paraplegic ... That was a turning point in my life cause i had to learn how to live again , starting with the basics like swimming and diving, Meanwhile I moved to Miami for a treatment and out there I started into kayaking and diving and got stood hooked by the freedom in the water ...

Back in Brazil, one day I was kayaking in the ocean when a wave came and I dropped it ... than I realized that I could surf again . Started in the prone position for a while but I wanted something that I could do more carves, airs and whatever it was possible in a board. After I was introduced to the kayaksurf and waveski . I started with the kayaksurf cause was more stable and with a feel years of practice got a waveski that is faster, manoverble and lighter ... Waveski became my new passion then for my personal evolution I started competing on Waveski competitions against able body surfers and conquer a few titles in Brasil and international then the adaptive surfing contests started in 2015 were I become the first world champion in my division history .

Now a days iam 4x Isa world champion , 2x Hawaii adaptive surf champion , 1x nalu awards, 2x usopen adaptive champion , 1x South America champion. Now I live in Florianopolis and work with boat charters and surf everyday to improve my surfing skills and life quality and spend more time in the water that in land.
Josh DueckWave Ski MENCanada1. A proud member of the High Fives Foundation, Ohana

- been surfing with them since 2012

2. Family Man - married to Lacey, father to Nova and Hudson

3. Team Captain for Canada at the 2022 Paralympic Games

4. Paralympic, X Games and World Champion - sit skier

5. Working Man - Executive Director for Freestyle Skiing in British Columbia & International Motivational Speaker
Rich JulianWave Ski MENHawaiiRichard Julian was raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. He started surfing at the age of 5 years old at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki. He spent the younger years of his life surfing with his family surrounded by the ocean. At the age of 14 years old Richard was struck from behind by a drunken driver. Resulting in a T10 paralysis from his waist down. For many years Richard played court based wheelchair sports such as tennis, basketball and cycling. Those sports allowed Richard to travel and meet friends from around the world however none of which fulfilled his life’s passion and love of the ocean until 2002. After completing a tennis match at the US Open in California, Richard saw a flyer posted on a bulletin board offering a free adaptive surf session. Steven Bohne, owner of Infinity Surfboards had been shaping adaptive surfboards and wanted to share his experience. Richard took the plunge and reentered the water once again since his injury. From the very first wave caught on Steve’s tandem adaptive waveski Richard was hooked once again. He said it felt “like a rebirth for him”. Richard ordered an adaptive surf board before leaving California and was surfing back at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki before you knew it.

From 2002-2005 Richard surfed his adaptive wave ski independently with friends and family. Richard also continued to play professional wheelchair tennis. Richard joined Project Purelight a local adaptive canoeing program in Kailua, Hawaii. Richard meet Mark Marble a Certified Recreational Therapist who was volunteering at the program. The two of them discussed adaptive surfing and how they could help other athletes using wheelchairs re-enter the water and enjoy water recreation.

A few months later in March 2006; Mark and Richard started a non-profit called AccesSurf Hawaii, Inc. This organization was designed for any individual with a physical or cognitive disability to re-enter the water either via surfing and/or swimming. AccesSurf Hawaii has specialized equipment and safety protocols in place to make getting into the ocean fun, safe and rewarding to those with similar experiences as Richard.

In 2013 Richard got married to Kate Julian, also a certified Recreational Therapist, secretary on the Board of Directors for AccesSurf Hawaii, Inc. and lifelong volunteer for AccesSurf. Together they raised her son Cameron on the beach surfing with all the AccesSurf participants. In 2015 they welcomed the birth of their daughter Malia Julian. They raise their children to join in inclusion programs of water recreation, seeing no one for their limitations but only for their abilities.

Over the past several years Richard has assisted other organizations and federations on adaptive surfing instruction. Accessurf annual Duke’s OceanFest, Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association contests, the 2015 Stance ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships, Adaptive divisions for men and women at the Portugal World Waveski world title and most recently with the US Open Adaptive Surfing Championships in CA.

Richard continues to compete competitively in as many local, state, nationally and international events as much as possible and spread Aloha to everyone. Richard strides to benefit the next generation of adaptive athletes and mentors them.

Born 10/20/71 Rich Julian moved to Oahu at the age of 5. He learned catch waves in Waikiki and surfing has been a part of his lifestyle ever since.

On a summer evening in 1986, his life was changed forever by a drunk driver. At the age of 14, Rich found himself starting high school in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.

For the last 20 years he has been breaking down barriers and changing lives … both of the challenged athletes who follow in his footsteps and for all the people whose perceptions about disability have changed. For 15 years Rich toured internationally on the ITF (International Tennis Federation) professional circuit and is still an avid tennis player and coach. In 2006, his team took 2nd place in the IVF Waka Ama World Sprints in New Zealand and he continues to paddle competitively. This year he will be going to the world sprints again to compete in a V1, V 12 and V6 divisons with his team Pure Light Racing In 2001, 15 years after his accident, he was re-introduced to surfing using an adaptive surfboard and his love for the ocean once again inspired him.

In 2006, Rich teamed up with friend and fellow surfer Mark Marble to found Accessurf Hawaii, Inc., a non-profit organization created to instruct and educate people about adaptive surfing and make Hawaiian beached accessible for anyone with limited mobility.

Over the past 6 years, Accessurf Hawaii, with Rich acting at vice president and co-founder, has touched the lives of over 200 Hawaiian residents with disabilities and over 400 volunteers who come out every month to enjoy the Hawaiian waves.

Richard Julian

1971: Born in Witchita Texas.

1991: Graduated from Kalani High School. Was an avid surfer swimmer and waterman,

1986: Pedestrian in a drunk driving accident which resulted in Paraplegia.

1994-2006: ITF (International Tennis Federation) Wheelchair Tennis Professional.

Ranked 49 in the world and 5 in the USA.

2006: Silver medalist IVF World Sprints - New Zealand.

2006: Para Va’a 5th place finish

2008: Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division 1st place.

2009: Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division 1st place.

20010: Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division 2st place

20011: Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division 2st place

2012: Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division 2st place

2013: Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division 1st place

2010: Finished Molokai Hoe 6man canoe race.

2012: Gold medalist IVF World Sprints –Canada.

2012 Silver medalist Para Va’a IVF World Sprints -Canada

2012 Hawaii Canoe racing Association Adaptive 1st Place

2014 National Sprint titles Australia Silver medalist

2014 National Sprint Titles Australia Para Va’a 4th place finish

2014 Queen Liliuokalani canoe race finisher

2014 Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division competitor

2015 Dukes Ocean fest Challenged Athletes wave ski division Third Place

2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships Semi Finalist

2015 Queen Liliuokalani canoe race finisher

2015-2016 Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association Surf Series Finalist 1st Place Kewalo Basin

2015-2016 Hawaii Amateur Surfing Association Surf Series Finalist 1st Place Sunset Beach

Other: 3 time Honolulu Marathon finisher. Honolulu Triathlon finisher and Tin man finisher.

2006- 2018 Purelight Racing outrigger canoe team member

2015-2016 ISA world Adaptive Surfing Championships Advisory Board Member

2006-2016 Co-Founder Accessurf Hawaii

Previously served as Board Chair, vice president, vice chair.

2010 -2012: Board Chair for the Mayor’s advisory committee on disabilities.

2009-2011: Board Chair Access Advisory council for City and County of Honolulu.

Hawaii Canines for Independence Volunteer

Hawaii Wheelchair Sports Volunteer/member 1986-2018
Roy TuscanyWave Ski MENUSAI'd rather be announcing than competing.
Sepasi feleungaWave Ski MENTongaThis is my first competition. I have been wave ski with Accessurf Day at the beach for about 3 years off and on. I wanted to join because I didn’t want to eat the free food and watch the meet all week.

I hope to get better today and next year.

Aloha to Everyone
AlanaWave Ski WOMENUSAAlana Nichols three-sport: in wheelchair basketball, alpine skiing and Surfing....

She grew up in Farmington, N.M., and was an avid snowboarder throughout her youth. In 2002, however, Nichols landed back-first on a rock while attempting a backflip on her snowboard. The injury caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down... began playing wheelchair basketball just two years later and helping Team USA to win gold at the Paralympic Games Beijing 2008. ...the first U.S. female Paralympian to win gold medals at a Summer and Winter Paralympic Games.


2016 HASC 2nd

2017 HASC 1st

2018 HASC 2nd, World Adaptive Surfing Champs 1st,

March 2020 WASC 1st
Brian JahnWounded Warrior (WW)HawaiiI was a combat medic for 8 years. Surfing was my rehab therapy for TBI, injuries, etc. I love to be in Hawai'i, in the water, and I'm always grateful to be among beautiful people doing what they love to do.