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'He SO loved the experience'

michael surfing mattThank you so much!!! The photos arrived, and I'll wait till Tuesday, when we're home to look at them!!! I just cannot thank everyone at AccesSurf enough for the amazing gift you gave to Michael, my husband, and I today!!! I snapped a picture of Michael being carried down to the surfboard, and can't even look at it without crying tears of complete joy and gratitude!!! As a matter of fact, everyone I've shared it with on Facebook has has the same reaction!! Thanks again!!! There are no words to express how much the surfing experience meant to Michael... and to our family!!  He was fairly active before his accident, and has had to put his social activities aside for quite awhile... And surfing wasn't ever even on his list of things to do!!!  But he SO loved the experience!!!!  Thank you so much for working with our schedule, and fitting Michael in.  We so enjoyed meeting everyone who came out that day to surf with him!!  Beau,Matt, Dave and Donovan were so wonderful with Michael.  And Jessie is just a sweetheart, and got some amazing photos and video of Michael's experience!!!   Valerie Misch  
Michael Misch

'You can do it'

KimoAfter a massive stroke I thought I would never surf again but words like 'No' or 'Can't' don't exist with AccesSurf. Only compassion, patience and people saying 'You Can Do It!' Kimo
Kimo Akaka

Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMahalo!  Mahalo!  Mahalo!  Words cannot express how much we appreciate ALL that everyone did to make surfing an awesome experience for Spencer.  He was at his grandparents' house for a family dinner tonight, and I wish you could have seen how his face lit up every time people asked him about surfing.  At the end of our vacation, we went through all that we did and asked Spence to pick his favorite part.  He definitely indicated it was surfing.  All 4 of you are angels, and we feel so blessed that Spence had this opportunity.  Some people are just meant to do certain things, and Accessurf is definitely what the four of you are meant to do.  You are all exceedingly kind, thoughtful, giving, and wonderful people.  You truly blessed our trip.   Please know this will be a special memory for the rest of our lives. Val Veraldi
Spencer Veraldi

'We had a wonderful day at White Plains beach with AccesSurf '

Mathjis - beach chair" We had a wonderful day at White Plains Beach with AccesSurf. For Matthijs it was a breakthrough as he overcame his fear to go into the water. He used to like swimming a lot, but due to a little accident some 16 months ago he refused to swim. He swam every day in the hotel pool so far, overlooking the ocean and the swimming turtles. In The Netherlands we will "spread the word" about AccesSurf hoping more people come to know your organization

'No words can describe how thankful I am...'

Javi & EddierSo much Aloha! No words can describe how thankful I am for all the joy Access Surf Ohana has brought to my life. “Day at the beach” helped my mind to heal tremendously, it’s the best therapy there could be for the mind and soul. Amongst many traits, surfing made me confident to take on new physical therapy challenges without fear to fail. Gave me a new passion that I will forever enjoy. So grateful to Hannah for taking me to your day at the beach for the first time. It was a life changing moment. Please continue to spread the aloha and bring joy to all those in need   Javier Rodiguez
Javier Rodiguez